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How does Financial Planning actually work?

We take the time to understand your personal and financial circumstances.

Together, we identify personal financial goals for your life.

We analyze your current course of action to see if it will allow you to meet your

goals and develop and present alternatives if necessary.

Together we finalize a financial plan you can have confidence in.

At this point, some clients will conclude their business with EFA and manage their new financial plan on their own. 

Many, however, choose to continue our relationship and have Eastown Financial Advisors implement and monitor their financial plan. If this is you, scroll down for more about Portfolio Management with EFA. 

Either way, you're now ready to focus on what really matters to you -- with confidence!

How does Portfolio Management work?

Eastown Financial Advisors individually tailors your portfolio to your situation and your financial plan, using investment models that we've built in-house, including socially-conscious funds if that's important to you.  No third-party money managers (or extra fees) here.


We regularly monitor, review, and adjust your portfolio for the best funds at the lowest



Because you're working with a small, local firm, you can easily connect with us

anytime you have questions or life changes that impact the management of

your financial plan.  

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