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2022 Tax Return Preparation

Our office will be open for drop offs and appointments for current clients. 


In order to file your return on time, the last day to drop off your documents or

to schedule a tax preparation appointment is April 7, 2023. 

If you don't need a meeting with your tax preparer, you can drop off your documents Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm.  We will briefly review a few things with you and then you can be on your way. We will contact you with questions or when your return is complete.

Schedule your appointment online! Current clients can schedule a tax preparation appointment with Andy or Dan and schedule a tax pick up appointment using the button below. 

We will continue to offer paperless document delivery options. If you'd like to avoid the trip and upload your tax documents to our office, you are welcome to do so using the button below. We will be using Secure File Pro again this year to deliver digital copies of your tax return. 

Helpful Resources


A checklist to help you organize your taxes.

Current clients can schedule a tax return preparation appointment Monday - Friday.

Upload tax documents or log into your account to view your tax return documents. 

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